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We’re Here For You!

When you need information from Aquatherm there are many different avenues by which you can get it. Of course, our website and FAQs provide plenty of info, but beyond that, we wanted to simplify the process, so here’s a brief but comprehensive contact list. All of these people and departments can be reached by email and/or calling 801-805-6657.

Inside sales (who can also connect you with your Regional Sales Manager)
Pat Gillan pat.gillan@aquatherm.com

Jerry Chizmadia jerry.chizmadia@aquatherm.com

Rhett Coles rhett.coles@aquatherm.com

Training & Training Forms
Tony Blair tony.blair@aquatherm.com

Engineering Technical Support
Scott Millburn scott.milburn@aquatherm.com

Operations & Logistics
 Michael LeBlanc michael.leblanc@aquatherm.com

Website and technical support Websuppport@aquatherm.com

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