Faster to install. Corrosion-free. Lasts for decades. These are just a few of the many benefits of Aquatherm PP-R piping. It’s the perfect piping material for pressurized mechanical and plumbing systems of all sizes. Don’t accept imitations. Choose Aquatherm – the pioneer of North American PP-R piping.


  • Stable Prices
    Predictable total installed cost and prices that don’t fluctuate based on tariffs or upheavals in the commodities markets
  • Labor Savings
    Faster, easier installation thanks to heat-fused connections and piping weights up to 70% lighter than carbon steel
  • Lasting Performance
    Never rusts, scales or corrodes, and has a projected lifespan of 60 years
  • Installer Safety
    Heat-fused connections without flame or welding and lightweight piping materials reduce the risk of eye and back injuries
  • Chemical Purity
    Chemically inert Aquatherm piping won't leach any trace chemicals into running liquids


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Success Stories

stable pricing

For nearly 10 years, GML has used Aquatherm pipe for chilled, heated and potable water systems in more than 75 PHVAC projects.

"Copper and steel prices are up and down depending on the world market. Aquatherm brings a steady price range, so we know exactly what our price will be."

- Peter Simons,
Project Estimator
@ GML Mechanical

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faster installation

A half-second loss in production time costs an injection-molding facility tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why this plant transitioned from carbon-steel pipe to Aquatherm Blue Pipe.

"Three days for the actual installation got whittled down to just 24 hours. For a process project like this, Aquatherm was a no-brainer choice."

- Jacob Francis,
Facility Maintenance Supervisor
@ Berry Global

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labor savings

The owner of FirstMerit Tower saved more than $20,000 in labor thanks to the lightweight nature and heat-fusion welding of Aquatherm PP-R.

"The nice part about Aquatherm piping is that it’s so light, you can use just a few guys to install two fittings and a full 13-ft. stick. With steel, you need a hoist and chain falls."

- Jeremy Bejger,
Project Manager
@ Harner Plumbing

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