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Pressure Test

We’re committed to continuously evolving our services and policies to better serve you. In line with this commitment, we’d like to inform you of an important update regarding our pressure test submission process.

What’s Changing?
Effective immediately, we will no longer require or accept submissions of pressure tests as part of our warranty policy. This change is designed to streamline your experience with our products and services, allowing for more autonomy and flexibility.

Why Perform a Pressure Test?
While submitting pressure tests to us is no longer necessary, conducting these tests remains crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of your equipment and the life of your project. Adhering to local safety and maintenance standards is paramount, and we strongly encourage you to continue performing pressure tests as recommended and required by your local jurisdiction.

Resources for Your Success:
To support you in this process, we will continue to provide a comprehensive guide to recommended pressure tests for polypropylene on our website. This resource is tailored to ensure that you have the information needed to conduct these tests effectively and safely.

Our Commitment:
Our dedication to your satisfaction and safety remains unwavering. This policy update reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience with our products, while ensuring that they, and your project, operate at their best. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement this change. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our customer support team is always here to help.