Benefits of Aquatherm PP-R Piping Systems

Our Benefits

Want to see the benefits aquatherm North America and heat-fused polypropylene piping offer in less than three minutes? Look no further!

Since 1973, we’ve learned a lot about piping systems and how to make them from PP-R. We’ve focused our research and expertise on ways to make our pipes ideal for every installation. If you want pipe that lasts for decades, we’ve got you covered. If you never want to worry about leaks ever again, we’ve got that too. If you want faster, easier installation or improved thermal performance, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re tired of drinking chemicals in your water, or you’re concerned about the environment, aquatherm is the pipe for you.

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One of the biggest cost savers that comes from using aquatherm in the installation speed. The heat-fused connections are not only fast, they’re also flexible and strong — the joints won’t crack or leak as they’re carried, bounced, and twisted into place. And aquatherm pipe weighs 75 percent to 80 percent less than comparable metals, meaning that installers can carry more with less fatigue and less risk of injury.



There’s a reason they tell you not to throw away plastic. PP-R lasts for decades in piping applications, and keeps going long after other building components have worn out and started to fail. It’s important to have a piping system that won’t wear out, corrode or scale up, as pipes are costly and difficult to replace.



Polypropylene is one of the most reliable piping materials in the world, and our decades of research and engineering have made it even more reliable. With aquatherm, you’ve got a piping system that you expect to last for over 60 years with no hassles, and our many innovations make sure you’re not disappointed.


Chemical Purity

Polypropylene was originally used for high-purity water and acid-waste systems because of its chemical purity and inertness. In other words, its used for highly reactive applications because it won’t react with most chemicals.



By volume, a piping system is not a large part of a building, but the wrong piping system can have a huge impact on sustainability. Piping systems that leach chemicals into drinking water affect both people and the local water table over time.