Reliability of Aquatherm PP-R Piping Systems

PP-R & PP-RCT Pipe Reliability

Our systems are designed to work well in a variety of applications without failure.

Polypropylene is one of the most reliable piping materials in the world, and our decades of research and engineering have made it even more reliable. With aquatherm, you’ve got an piping system that you expect to last for over 60 years with no hassles, and our many innovations make sure you’re not disappointed.

aquatherm’s Fusiolen PP-R and PP-RCT, the base material for our pipes and fittings, has an optimized melt index for heat fusion, greatly improving the consistency of fusion connections. aquatherm has also added heat stabilizers to its PP-R and PP-RCT, which protect the pipe and fittings from temporary spikes in temperature, even at temperatures above boiling. That way, if your mechanical equipment malfunctions, your pipe will continue working as designed.

aquatherm checks and double-checks the quality of its products are every step of production, from the raw polypropylene to the finished products so there’s almost never a bad pipe or fitting. But if there is one, our warranty covers you for up to ten years on replacement Aquatherm product, personal injury, or property damage caused by material failure due to manufacturer defect. Now that’s something to rely on.