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Aquatherm Polypropylene Flange Backing Rings

October 12th, 2023

202310A – AQTTB Date Issued: 12 October 2023 Aquatherm is transitioning the flange rings (backing rings) from the powder-coated steel to an overmolded Polypropylene with steel insert ring. This provides significant improvement in corrosion resistance and performance in harsh/corrosive environments. The over molding process results in a slightly thicker ring, so as to ensure the Read More


Surge Pressure Allowance

December 28th, 2022

202304A – AQTTB Date Issued: 18 April 2023 Polypropylene piping materials are inherently fatigue-resistant and can often accommodate cyclic pressures exceeding the long-term pressure rating of the piping system. There are two types of surge effects to be considered. The first is a more gradual, intentional recurring surge, such as when a VFD-controlled pump is Read More


Tight Clearance Wrenches and Aquatherm Fittings

December 15th, 2021

202112A – AQTTB Date Issued: 15 December 2021 The Aquatherm NPT transition pieces, both male and female, are sometimes difficult to get a standard wrench on to the brass shoulders of the fitting. It is not advisable to use a channel lock wrench or similar tools to hold the PP part of the fitting while Read More


Butt fusion heating and cooling times DVS 2207-11

August 20th, 2020

 202008A – AQTTB   Date Issued: 12-Aug-2020   The standard referenced for butt fusion of polypropylene pipe, DVS 2207-11, was updated in 2017 to provide for reduced heating and cooling times. During the revision process, these changes were not evaluated for multi-layer, faser-composite (MF) pipes. Aquatherm has now completed the testing and evaluation of these changes and Read More


Aquatherm Maintenance Plan

April 23rd, 2020

202004A – AQTTB Date Issued: 23 April 2020 This document provides guidance and recommendations regarding maintenance of piping systems after initial installation, testing and commissioning. Much of this information is generally applicable to all pressure piping systems, while some items are specific to Aquatherm piping. The focus of this Maintenance Plan is on plumbing and Read More


Aquatherm Threaded Adapter Fitting Installation Guidelines

December 18th, 2019

201912A – AQTTB Date Issued: 12 December 2019 Aquatherm offers a wide range of threaded transitions to connect with non-fusible system components. These transitions have a machined brass or stainless-steel threaded insert molded into the PP-R base for maximum strength. The brass transition components are lead-free (<0.25% Pb) in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Read More


Aquatherm Water Testing

May 30th, 2019

201905A – AQTTB Date Issued: 24 May 2019 When using PP-R or RP(RCT)2 piping in a domestic hot water recirculating (DHWR) system which contains copper tubing or copper components, and in some cases adding PP-R or RP(RCT)2 to a copper tube hot water supply system, the level of copper in the water should be tested Read More


Aquatherm Technical Announcement – Part Number Change

August 10th, 2018

AQUATHERM TECHNICAL ANNOUNCEMENT Part Number Change Date issued: 8 August 2018 The part number for 4” (125 mm) SDR 17.6 Blue Pipe MF has been changed due to the new lengths of pipe coming from Germany. Old Part number = 2570126 (4m)13 ft, lengths New Part Number = 2570128 (5.8 m) 19 ft. lengths Please Read More


Vibration Isolation in Aquatherm Piping

April 18th, 2018

201804A – AQTTB Date Issued: 18 April 2018 The Aquatherm Technical Guide says, “Aquatherm polypropylene (PP-R, RP(RCT))1 can absorb small vibrations, so isolators are not required if the pipe has some limited mobility on either side of the pump or equipment to which it is connected.” The above statement only applies to small diameter pipe Read More



August 23rd, 2017

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: 201408E-AQTTB Date issued: 23 August 2017 Discontinuance of Part numbers This is to inform you that the part numbers 0050950 through 0050960 have been discontinued and will no longer be offered. There are some items still in stock, but they are running out quickly and will not be re-stocked. Below is a cut Read More