Product Features | Aquatherm PP-R Piping Systems

Product Features

aquatherm doesn’t strive to be just another alternative to traditional piping systems; our goal is to be the best choice by a wide margin. That’s why we offer features like:

Fusiolen PP-R

Fusiolen PP-R and PP-RCT

aquatherm uses the highest-quality PP-R and PP-RCT granules to make our proprietary resin, Fusiolen. Fusiolen is respected worldwide for its consistency, chemical purity, and low environmental impact.


Multi-Layer Faser-CompositeMulti-Layer, Faser-Composite

One of the major hurdles with using any type of plastic material, including PP-R and PP-RCT, is the tendency to expand when exposed to heat. That’s why we developed our faser-composite technology.


Quality Control

From raw PP-R and PP-RCT granules to fully installed systems, we are obsessed with quality. This is great for our customers, because aquatherm makes pipes and fittings they can rely on every time.



We here at aquatherm aren’t content with simply telling people how great our products are. We show it by providing up to a ten-year warranty that covers replacement Aquatherm product, personal injury, or property damage caused by material failure due to manufacturer defect.


Heat Fusion

Heat fusion is a process used to join thermoplastics such as PP-R and PP-RCT together. Rather than using glue, solder, or a mechanical connection and gasket, heat fusion physically turns the two pieces of plastic into one piece.


We pride ourselves in making and supporting the best piping materials on the market today, and we’re always trying to find a way to make our products even better.