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We make our systems as durable and long-lasting as possible, but when all is said and done, the quality of the installation determines how the system will perform.

Because many plumbers and pipefitters are new to PP-R and heat fusion, we offer training courses to supplement their trade skills.


Get Trained

aquatherm Pipe fusion training helps plumbers and contractors develop skills in PP-R heat fusion, so they can successfully install polypropylene pipe. When performed properly, PP-R pipe fusion creates long-lasting connections that reduce maintenance costs.



Socket & Outlet Course

The Socket & Outlet course provides a foundational knowledge of heat fusing PP-R pipe and tool operation and maintenance.

aquatherm’s primary installer course offers insight into the PP-R material, the heat fusion process, and best practices for installing pipe from 1/2″ to 4″ in diameter. The course focuses heavily on socket fusion with hand irons, installing fusion outlets, repairs for small holes, and includes some practice with an assisted fusion machine. Important safety measures with the heating irons is also covered to ensure worker safety.

This course is required before taking the other courses, as the Butt Fusion and Electrofusion courses expand on the basic concepts from the Socket & Outlet Course.


Butt Fusion Course

The Butt Fusion Course expands on the Socket & Outlet Course, exploring the steps used to fuse larger pipe sizes all the way up to 24″.

The Butt Welding Course builds on the Socket & Outlet Course and focuses on fusing pipe sizes 6″ and larger. Rather than using socket-style fittings that go over the pipe, butt fusion connects the ends of the pipes and fittings directly to each other.

The course covers a general fusion process that can be adapted to the different types of butt welding machines that are available from aquatherm-approved tool manufacturers. Specific training from the manufacturer for the machines being used is still recommended.


Electrofusion Course

The Electrofusion Course focuses on the use of specialized fittings and machines for fusions in tight spaces.

The Electrofusion Course focuses on a modified version of socket fusion that uses electrical resistance heat as opposed to contact heat. Electrofusion uses specialized fittings and tools and is commonly used in risers, repairs, and other tough-to-reach applications.

Electrofusion is less common than socket or butt fusion due to the specialized machines and fittings involved, but can be very useful in certain applications where space or mobility are limited such as refurbishment projects, where tight spaces are very common.


Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool

In some situations, it is desirable or necessary to add an outlet or branch to a live, operational service line. This “hot tapping” eliminates system downtime and minimizes service disruptions.

Hot tapping is easy with aquatherm pipe! We have teamed up with our partners at McElroy, one of the leading manufacturers of polypropylene (PP) pipe fusion equipment, to offer the industry’s first PP hot tap tool.

This patent-pending innovation completely seals the system, drills through the pipe wall, and retracts cut out pipe pieces, leaving in place a fusion-welded outlet fitting and ball valve. It is designed to provide branch lines ranging from 1-in. to 2-in. nominal diameter (32-63 mm) on aquatherm PP-R piping systems.

Hot-tapping requires additional training, tools and appropriate hot-tap fitting assemblies. For further information, please contact your aquatherm Regional Sales Manager.