PP-R’s natural insulation properties provide benefits for efficiency and comfort.

PP-R has natural insulation properties, both for sound and for heat. This gives Aquatherm’s pipes performance properties that aren’t possible with other systems.

For sound, PP-R absorbs vibrations, allowing the pipe to run at 8 ft/s whole generating the same noise as copper pipe at 3.5 ft/s. Aquatherm also doesn’t require vibration isolators, provided there is some limited mobility of the pipe on either side of the pump.

For thermal insulation, Aquatherm’s faser-composite pipes have a low thermal conductivity: 0.70 btu*in/ft2*h*°F. This amounts to an R-value of about 1.4 per inch of pipe wall.  Aquatherm’s natural R-value also improves uninsulated energy performance in areas where insulation is difficult to install, such as trenchless applications.

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