Date issued: 16 July 2012

Buried pipe in concrete floors, walls, masonry and plaster

This is to confirm that Aquatherm Green Pipe, Blue Pipe, and Red Pipe and fittings manufactured from fusiolen PP‐R can be installed or buried in concrete floors, walls, chased masonry or plaster without incurring any damage to the pipe itself. No sleeving or wrapping of the pipe and fittings is necessary, as the material will absorb the compressive strain and tensile stress arising from a thermal linear expansion.

Fastening within solid concrete can be accomplished with plastic or steel ties. All pipes that are laid in concrete floors shall be parallel with the concrete surface.

Under concrete slabs or floors

Aquatherm‐PP‐pipes shall be laid in a narrow trench of sand or fine‐grain soil and compacted in a manner that will not damage the pipe. We recommend a minimum distance of 3-in. (75 mm) between the pipe and the underside of the concrete slab. All pipes that are laid in concrete floors shall be at right angles and parallel with the floor surface.

Any piping that penetrates the slab shall be at right angles to the surface of the slab and shall be lagged with an impermeable, flexible plastic or foam wrap and the wrap shall be not less than ¼” (6 mm) from the top of the slab. We confirm for the above installations that Aquatherm GmbH provides a 10‐year product liability warranty for all Aquatherm‐PP‐pipe‐systems for damages due to manufacture error.

All instillations must be in accordance with Aquatherm installation principles, should be installed by a certified installer and follow the local building codes.

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