Date issued: 3 March 2017

All piping systems, regardless of their intended medium, should be flushed thoroughly after installation. Flushing the piping system removes particles and debris that tends to accumulate in the piping system upon installation. Particles include shavings and bits and pieces of pipe that are the result of installing fusion outlets, cutting the pipe and the fusion process itself. Debris and contaminants can also end up in the piping due to storage and handling on the job site.

The following concerns should be addressed before the installed piping is put into service:
1. Protection of the water quality
2. Avoidance of corrosion damage to metallic components in the system
3. Avoidance of malfunctions of pumps and equipment such as strainers and valves
4. Cleanliness of the inner surface of the pipe for optimal flow

These requirements can be met by:
1. Flushing the system with clean, clear water
2. Flushing the system with a mixture of air and water
3. Flushing the system with a medium as may be determined by local codes, engineering specifications, or the needs of the mechanical equipment used.

Where no requirements are established, potable water is sufficient for flushing Aquatherm piping systems.

Flushing of the entire system should be continued until the water coming out of the piping system runs clear of any debris, particulates, oils, or other contaminants.

If disinfection is required, please refer to the technical bulletin 201301A – AQTTB – Disinfecting Aquatherm Piping Systems.

If it is desired to use a chemical flush, please consult with your regional Aquatherm representative or submit a chemical inquiry form to technical@aquatherm.com