aquatherm offers a number of resources to educate the market about optimizing design of domestic-hot-water-recirculating (DHWR) piping systems that incorporate polypropylene and copper. These resources include this short aquatherm TechTV Mixed Systems overview video; an in-depth Mixed Systems Webinar, which requires registration to view; and a Technical Bulletin: “Integration of Other Systems or Components With aquatherm Piping for Pressure Pipe Applications.”

aquatherm is well suited for these types of applications, provided the systems are properly designed, installed, operated and maintained, and: temperature, air removal, flow rates, and balancing, disinfectant levels are in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations for all products in the system, and with local codes. We encourage you to use these resources to educate yourself and anyone else at your company who may be involved in DHWR systems. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at support@aquatherm.com.